About Us

ENT System has been active in the microcomputing market for 15 years and is now one of the main players in the integrating and distributing of IT hardware and the provision of associated services. 

Whether you require the full range of Prime Contractor services for management of your procurement needs or whether you are more interested in hardware deployment or on-site solutions integration, ENT System as your partner of choice will make a significant contribution to the success of your projects through our state-of-the-art expertise, outstanding responsiveness and highly efficient logistics. Approved by all major hardware vendors and software publishers in the market, ENT System offers an all-inclusive service with certified technical skills and guaranteed systematic follow-up. 

Our philosophy: a comprehensive approach.

We take great pains to ensure that we fully understand your environment and all the problems relating to your project so that we can provide the most appropriate service in the most efficient way. 
Independent advice: as IT professionals, we supply all the relevant information you require to help you take the right decisions and limit the risks inherent in implementing IT tools. 
Total availability: our responsiveness and availability go beyond our purely contractual obligations and cater for all your requirements. 

ENT System is a closely knit, highly motivated team with a keen sense of business values and a shared system of priorities: 
  • Top-quality, customised service
  • Availability, responsiveness and flexibility
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Permanent skills improvement

ENT System is currently in process of ISO 9001 certification for the integration and distribution of IT equipment and the provision of associated services. This certification is your guarantee of the very best service at all times for all ENT System's activities.

Fast facts

  • A specialist, high-technology company which is autonomous and independent and has a capital of 500.000 €
  • 15 years' experience in the IT market
  • Sound financial standing based on a managed growth policy
  • A structure with a human dimension of around twenty team workers


ENT System's vocation is to meet the ever growing needs of businesses and to analyse, manage and optimise their IT and telecoms legacies. Businesses are increasingly seeking a wide-ranging, detailed, long-term vision encompassing all the infrastructure elements, office automation software and trade-specific applications forming an integral part of their assets. 

Since its creation, ENT System has stood out from its competitors by the extent of its expertise in the sector of engineering, information systems and Networking / Telecoms infrastructure.


A business's IT system is often highly complex requiring ever more specialised skills. ENT System's objective is to offer its clients, either directly or through partners, all the various services covering the complete life cycle of a Customer Relationship Optimisation project:

  • Assistance with Owner's overall project
  • Prime Contractor services
  • Project management
  • Advice and expertise
  • Research and development

Solutions... rather than products

Our product managers and sales engineers offer advice and help on a daily basis in implementing projects and preparing Networking, Telecoms or Connector Technology solutions. 
Our set-up is resolutely customer-focused and our aim is to provide the right response to all your requirements, whether technical or commercial!