Operating in three major areas of competence - networking, server management and connector technology - our engineers and sales representatives are trained on a continual basis in the latest technological developments.


Wireless networks, VPNs, security networks, LANs and interconnections... 
In an ever-changing field, our solutions are based on the offerings of the world leaders in the networking and telecoms sector. 
This is your best guarantee of reliable, sustainable solutions.

Server management

Optimise access to servers, whatever their number or location, with our KVM solutions. 
Reduce their downtime, control your multisite data centres, centralise the administration of your IT equipment... 
Exceptional know-how certified by our partners!

Connector technology

We cover all connector technology fields: copper or fibre optic networks, room prewiring and fittings, office automation and specific manufacture. 
Rigorous product selection... in-depth knowledge of the market... in short: proven professionalism!